They have asked us to keep a account of what we are doing at Circomedia so this is my Circomedia Dairy

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Monday 1st March

I got a tad late and decided to go in anyway and managed to get in before the first lesson had started which quite suprised me. The first lesson was with Haggis again and decided to do some more ball work. Worked on 4 and 5 balls as a change. I learnt a new pattern where juggling 4 and then chuck one into a 3 ball cascade then back into four. I need to work on my 4 balls but my 5 ball seems to be getting pretty solid without practice 4 which is nice. At the lesson i asked Haggis about what the public like to see and looks hard for them.

A 20 minute break was after E and M but i was talking to Haggis so was only 5 minutes to get a drink and everything but i got into Performance on time and we played the Bob game first. There seemed to be alot of energy today. We split into 2 groups and started off, we let everything go today as a group and it felt really good. I grouped up with Rynmar for the little performances and the first bit we did where i was the contourtianist and he was my servant but he had more status than me. Was a comedy peice with no contortianism in :) The next peice was including a bit of acrobalance into a peice, the brief was to make the relationships clear. We were partners in performing and he decided this performance he liked me very much so he was like trying to seduse me and i wasnt looking just keeping focussed on the balances as a profesionel.

Dinner - Chicken Correnation Bap - Mars Bar

Dip Notes was all about what we have to provide to people about the performance, plus things to do with the project we are doing. Project Tutor lesson, the same old things in this lesson just talking about the progress of the project and things. Acro Practice, i got a mat out and did a couple of back sumi's then got bored so did some handstands, stretching and juggling. Mananged to do some straight leg into handstand for first time ever. There getting easyier everyweek.



Tuesday 2nd March

I got up nice and early today and got my things ready for college and put some washing on.Went into college and did my warm up circuit with a couple of people, nice and relaxing warm up. I had a shower after the warm up and then went into the student room to watch videos. I watched two videos in whole the first one i watched was a kind of promo vid made in 1989 showing a workshop at a school and later on they did the show with the kids. The seconds part of the video was showing the "modern" cirus with arcaos and other circus's the third part of the video was actually a video of Bjc 2 at Bath. I didnt recognize anyone from the video. The second video was a very short acro video with a nice dance peice in it that i might use some of the moves from. Next lesson soon came and i always go to the next lesson when people come for thier break so i can warm up or so 15 minutes of juggling. The conditioning was like ususal butsept with one added exercise and that was straight leg low downs.

Dinner - Chicken Correnation Bap.

Practice Time - I spent along time just stretching out the box split muscles on the bars in the relaxing position. I did some juggling and also devised the stick fight with Dror. Also went through the actuall beggining of the routine with thw whole group including Rich the narrator for the first time, I really struggled with the womens voice just because my voice is shite. Need to work on my high voice for the performance. We put all the equipment away and Danny came back to mine to find out somethings for his project and also check his email. I went back to college and did some 5 ball work, maybe a average of 30 if lucky i was really struggling with catching in my right hand for some reason, ive been following some of Haggis's advice and ive stopped rotating clockwise.


Wednesday 3rd March

I got into college round about 8:45 and went for a run straight away for about 4 laps plus 2 laps round centre circle. Did stretching till 9:30 and then went to Studio 2 to juggle. I started learning some siteswaps like 7-4-4 and some 4 ball ones. I devied a small juggling peice keeping in mind movement. I started working on my 5 ball shower. Soon got bored and went to the student room to have my breakfast before going to the Acro class. The start of the acro class and did a little stretching. worked on some handstands for a while, i got a nice one hander where i was using the other arm for balancing for the first time. Worked on the balance with Nienke and Dror that we have been working on for a couple of months and tried to go into it and then straighten both mine and Nienke's arms. I was expecting it to be a big challenge but after 2 goes we had it pretty solid enough for no spotters.At the end of the lesson i worked on my back whips into splits.

Dinner - Pasta in Leak and Butter Sauce - Mars Bar

E an M Practice - I went in early and started devising the project. Ive got all the idea and pretty much how long things are going to happen for. Ive decided on the Music idea and not put any clothe's thing in it. I did more juggling after. continue'ing on with the 5 ball shower and learning 6 balls. I went to the student room once id got bored of that and watched a couple of videos with Nama. One of the videos was of Nikki and Richard previus teachers at the college. I went to the Gym after and did about 1 hours of stretching through the 2 Project practice's and also devised my unicycling part and thought about what Nienke's part is going to be. After they had finished i did some juggling with Toby, trying differnt siteswaps like 7777 11. i almost did a 3 ball pirrotte as well soooo close.


Thursday 4th March

I went in at 10:30 and just had some hot chocolate and relaxed. First lesson was Movement technique with the new teacher Brenda, We worked more on elements. I know im more Water and Air so i worked on Fire and Earth more but still looked watery at times. The lesson went quite quick and was time for lunch.

Lunch - Cheese on Toast

Acro Practice was in the gym so i went their nice and early and did some 5 ball juggling. The things i learnt in acro practice where roundoff back whip x3 and also i could do acrobatics in a frock/dress. I also made Danny do a round off back sumi without a blue mat :) The next lesson in the gym was pt practice so i went into the student room to read some books i'd borrowed from the libary, A unicycling book that i hadnt seen ever, and a dance photography book to see some nice still images that have been took. Danny came into the student room for a while and watched a couple of the ariel presentations that xenia was taping. I went to the gym after to do some endurance 5 balls but only managed 30 seconds tops which was anoying when the pattern is so solid but theres the odd silly through. E and M was next and we got to choose what we wanted to do for the performance tommorow. I choose unicycling over juggling because most of the other people chose juggling. My idea is to basicly dance with/for the object which is a staff. Using the staff to pirrotte and also balance in some instances. It took me a while to come up with the idea but the great Miles Davis in the background made me have the idea. I was the first to leave because of WuShu. I cycled all the way down to Wushu but got slightly lost so i was late by 5 minutes but it didnt matter and i came in just before they did the 100 press ups. After i'd finished i found a easyier way to get home and it took me 20 minutes of slow riding compared to the 25 minutes of fast riding.


Friday 5th March

I went in and did the warm up and then went for a shower, I was really tired from yesterday but was good fun at WuShu. I went up to the student room and just had alittle rest before going to Acro. Acro class i tried the summersault with the unicycle for the first time but couldnt go past 90 degrees because of the safty harness. Here is a video. I also did some work on my no handed walkovers and backwhips.

Dinner - Chicken Correnation in Granery

Non Spec Ariel - I went to this lesson for a first in ages and learnt quite alot of new stuff even a new split rope move. Felt quite sore after because of doing loads of drops to ankles. Devising time - Contiued with the unicycling routine ive been working on and put a story line into it and a character. Went it got the performance i made a mistake that is a good experience to have but is scary. The wrong music came on and i performed the routine to it but had to change the character and ending because of the music style. When id finished lots of people thought it was tounching even though they didnt know i used the wrong music.

Sunday - Went in for 3 hours to work on Drors project with Danny and Dror because Jamie didnt turn up so we devised me and Danny's fight scene.


Monday 8th March

E and M class was with Haggis again, the first part of the lesson was working on just simple group patterns and how affective it can be to whoo the audience or to make the audience laugh. I started work on 7 balls and also m right and also at right heights. I managed to catch 7 of the 6 on one occasion.

Performance class with Bim, Worked on audience relationships. Did a few games to start off with and a new one where each one took a go at being quite aggressive and demanding while people named country names. I didnt have ago because i thought it was awful in a way. Then we grouped in pairs, I worked with Namma and we did two things. The first one was doing a simple front stool but the audience were like nazzi party so we didnt really want to be thier but didnt want to show that. The next one was to make one up and let the audience guess after, We chose Blind performance. It was kind of strange because i knew the people could see what we were doing.

Dinner - 3 Peices of Bread with Diary Lee - Mars Bar

Dip Notes was a information talk on what certian lights that circomedia have and what can be used in the performance, I think ill only be using one backdrop light thats the yellowy colour.

Project Group Thing. Met in the gym to do bits of Drors and My peice, managed to do all of Drors with only getting hurt once and that was at end where he hit me with 2 sticks in my ankles. I only showed a few tricks that might be feactured and the group gave me some ideas. Ive decided on what im doing, the music is all that really needs to be sorted. I watched all the other peoples things after that and just went and did some dance/acro work with a bench and horse in the gym. Theres some nice things for Nienke to do in her peice's. After I'd ran out of ideas i went to the student room to look at photographs of dance in a book and look for images that might be nice to do in the performance.


Tuesday 9th March

Conditioning was the first lesson i had this morning so i didnt have to be in till 11. I went and returned the two books i had been reading and got another dance composition book out. I went to the gym to start of on 7 ball flashing. The lesson wasnt to bad, i really pushed myself for not cheating and kept my stomach from popping. After so many hours of doing exercise's was eventurly time for food.

Dinner - 2 apples - I had a plate of Pasta and Tomato and Basil sauce at 3:10

Project Practice - I decided i would try and devise Nienke's first dance part. i did quite alot of it but needed to know what she can do compared to what i had given her to do. It took me a while to do that but after i had done that I went to have some food in the student room which was the extrmely big plate of pasta which i almost finished. Me and Nienke went to the gym once i had finished that and started some work on the pair dance part. We tried some new balances that i had printed off the night before and some of them worked and some of the didnt :) After that I went through Drors project, still need to work on my voice. I can just about remember all of the parts. The second years came in right at end so we had to stop and pack all the stuff away. I went to studio 2 to just work on 7 balls and 5 balls. At 6:10 I managed to flash 7 balls. I could feel i was going to do it just by the way i was catching 6 and the 7th ball just falling or out of reach.


Wednesday 10th March

I spelt in once again for some reason, but it was ok because i only had a free practice in the morning so i didnt rush. I got in and just read the dance book alittle till it was 11 and i went into the Gym to so some stretching before the Acro class. The begining of the class was basicly just everybody stretching. Handstands where the next step so i began doing the scorpion handstands and was aparently touching my head with my feet but I couldnt tell. There was one thing ive noticed about my back flexiblility is that I can now touch my feet on my head from certain stretchs. Tried a couple of hand to hand with people i found the bace'ing easyier than flying for once. I started learning front angel with Nienke for the project but in the project will have a advantage of points to jump from.

Dinner - Erm Bread and Apples i guess.

E and M Practice - Basicly just worked on balls for the whole lesson, didnt really make any break threws in the juggling thing but some of the 4 balls to 3 balls to catching one on foot almost worked. Went to student room and did some more reading. Went to gym to do some stretching for a while before Dror came in for the project practice. I did well in project practice in that i didnt forget to many lines and was clear and loud in my speaking. We started some of the work on the boys band peice at the end of the practicing and worked out pretty well. I like my end part were i jump into splits :) I did some acrobatics after and managed a back sumi to landing on one foot and also worked on my butterfly twists. Did some back stretch's after that with Lisa and found a stretch I can actually do :) There was another practice after but i just juggled. i managed in like a hour of 7 ball about 5 flash's and about 14-15 catchs max, was a contructive hour but was so hard and anoying, i picked up 5 clubs after and flashed 5 clubs twice in a row dead easy compared to 7 balls. Did about 15 catchs with 5 clubs even though I hadnt done 5 clubs for about 3-4 weeks. I got to about 7:30 and started to get tired so i went home.


Thursday 11th March

Ok a quick diary entry today because ive just got in and its 9:10 and im tired. I started the day off with almost sleeping in and got into college at 9:15 for Movement technique. The lesson was working with animals and thier personalities and using that in human characters, I chose to be a hyper monkey which was quite fun but will try a more solid,angry person next time. I had a free lesson so I just watched videos and rested. Soon as it came to 1pm i went to the gym to do juggling till Dror wants me for his project. Managed to flash 7 balls couple of times but never really got started. the 5 Clubs were fairly bad with catching 4 only. Drors project went really well with not forgeting any lines but sept the new lines. Ok thats it


Friday 12th March

I slept in again! there must be something wrong with me. The first lesson that I went to was Acrobatics where i worked on straightening my backflips quite abit. I also had some very nice high ariel cartwheels. Today was the first ever time i had acheived the front summersault with the uni. Still need to get one on camera. Non Spec Ariel was next and it was only me and Tom turned up for the lesson so we did swinging!! Was a nice experience and I liked the drop to hox expecailly because it was scary. I went home after this lesson because I was to tired again. Later on I went to see Swan Lake at the hipodrome which was a really nice Ballet, I wasnt expecting to like it so much but the level of the dancers was really high.

Sunday - I went in and watched the 2nd Year show and was quite impressed. I enjoyed most of them really but I thought the Staff one needs more energy or it might of been like that because all the other acts were high leveled acts. I practiced my project after that and made up Nienke's first part and worked on her second part. I enjoy doing her part :)


Monday 15th March

I got into college at 8:45 and did a bit of juggling and a bit of stretching. First lesson was with Haggis, I followed through some hat stuff but got bored of that so i did some work on my 5 clubs then did some more stretching. Haggis brought 4 of his whips in so all i could here from outside was the sound of whips. I went to do some stretching in the quiet room and thought about the project. Dip Notes was shortly after but we only had to give in a few sheets and fill out a new one about what we do to practice, pretty pointless. I went and did some of my stage manager duties like hoovering. I went and did some practice on Drors project first time through with costumes are pretty much full speed. Then went through my project showing the group and Nienke of her parts and stuff. I did some juggling and stretching after that. Helped Rynmar and group with photos. Then went home.


Tuesday 16th March

I went into college at 9:30 ish to write up my project for Nienke to look at. It took me about 30 minutes to fully complete and then i just sat down and did some passive stretching. It got to 10:50 and people from the fitness test came back so I decided to go and do some stretching till the lesson started. The Fitness test wasnt really that bad, just the usuall stuff. I havent lost any strength so I didnt mind to much that my results where like the other Fitness test we did a month ago. I increased only 4cm in my straddle which anoyed me alittle but I hadnt done the warm up stretch so it might even me more.We got let out early because we completed every exercise. For Dinner I only had some sort of Currant jam with bread and a packet of crisps. I went to the Gym after I had finished my lunch and had a rest for a bit and tidyied the E and M cupboard which was a tip and found my other 2 clubs and also my pump. I did a Vocal practice in Drors project to learn the last text part after when i chase Jamie up the chinese pole. We did the dance aswell which seems to be always fun, not to keen on the music (Backstreet Boys). Did some acro practice for a bit just experimenting on new things to learn but couldnt think of anything, I did a really gayna on my first atempt and landed almost all upright. I went and got Nienke for a practice for the project. I went through her parts and the last dance part, I thought I got quite abit done in the hour we had. I just have to work on my unicycling parts but the first part should be pretty easy to devise, lots of freestyle tricks and spins. I did some more acro practice when we went and didnt manage anything interesting. Did some juggling for a while till i eventurly got to tired to keep a 5 ball cascade going to I packed stuff away and went home.


Wednesday 17th March

I went into college at 10:30 after having a bath at home, I went straight into the Acro class to start stretching. In the Acro Class, I worked on Backflips,Handstands and more stretchs. I have just about fully straightened my backflip plus i can really put power into it. I bust my wrist doing a couple of handstands which is anoying when i have projects to do. Salam showed me some stretch's I havent come across before and they really hurt so im going to keep on doing them :) I went for lunch in the Cafe for a change and just sat talking with Danny. After lunch I went and did some of the last Dance part in my project with Natasha as a dance cheorgrapher. It looks really nice so hopefully my wrist will be fully healed for all the lifts. Dror came to get us at 3:10 because we totally forgot about Drors project practice. I forgot about bringing my cycling shorts in so I had to be careful on my pants not faling down. We went through it twice and I didnt forget any lines :) When we had done that I went through my unicycling first part and devised it and timed it to make sure it wasnt to long. I went into the south wing to test weather there was space and If I could actuarly unicycling in there, everything seemed fine just a bit more slippy than the gym.


Thursday 18th March

Im tired so im not writing any detials about the day as such just a few records, 7 balls 14 catchs and 7 balls 16-17 catchs. Did some backflips, No stretching till WuShu, Few Buterflie twists. I spent quite alot of the say just working on 7 balls, Can almost flash 1 in 6 times now.


Friday 19th March

I went into college at 8:40 and did a lot of stretching even though it was rather pain full still for some reason. I went and did 30 minutes of 5 and 7 ball juggling in Studio 2 when the warm up had finished. I didnt get any good numbers because I was starting to wake up, I went to the student quiet room and did some resting of the eyes for a whole hour. I went into acrobatics and did another warm up, started the lesson off with a game because most people were tired. I worked a bit on my butterfly kicks and ariel cartwheels seen so my wrist was still hurting from wednesday. I got threw about 30 minutes before Jackie reccomended me going and putting some ice on my wrist. I went and talked to Natasha for a bit with the ice on my wrist. I went shopping then to the post office to pick up my new hoody :) When I got back into college Non Spec Ariel was doing Bungee so I watched that for a while till I got bored and went over to the Gym to see what was happening and ended up trying Gayna's on the trampette which didnt work. The meeting was in Studio 2 about all the preperations of the Monday and Tuesday show. I did two run threws of Drors Project but was rather tired so I dont know If I gave everything. There were a couple of things that went wrong including hitting Dror in the arm in both run threws. Also Jamie hit me in the arm with his fencing sword but from that it went smoothly, its 13 minutes which is 5 minutes more than the allowed time but I think we are going to do it anyway. I did some juggling after the project and managed to flash 7 a couple of times and I am getting closer to getting flash's more, I eventurly went at 6:30.